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  • AS-VARIOcomp 5K

    Žmonėms 3-7
    Našumas 0.8 m³/d
    Apkrova, BOD5 0.30 kg/d
    Diametras/Aukštis Ø1200/2020 [mm]
    Svoris 160 kg

  • AS-VARIOcomp 8K

    Žmonėms 6-10
    Našumas 1.2 m³/d
    Apkrova, BOD5 0.48 kg/d
    Diametras/Aukštis Ø1480/2020 [mm]
    Svoris 260 kg

  • AS-VARIOcomp 12K

    Žmonėms 10-13
    Našumas 1.8 m³/d
    Apkrova, BOD5 0.72 kg/d
    Diametras/Aukštis Ø1925/2020 [mm]
    Svoris 390 kg

  • AS-VARIOcomp 15K

    Žmonėms 13-17
    Našumas 2.25 m³/d
    Apkrova, BOD5 0.9 kg/d
    Diametras/Aukštis Ø1700/2800 [mm]
    Svoris 450 kg

  • AS-VARIOcomp 20K

    Žmonėms 18-24
    Našumas 3.0 m³/d
    Apkrova, BOD5 1.2 kg/d
    Diametras/Aukštis Ø1945/2810 [mm]
    Svoris 700 kg

  • AS-GSM D – SMS pranešimai

    This low-costing option offered by our company is a system watching the blower function. If the pressure level in the inlet pipe leading to the aeration element drops, a countdown function will be activated and if (within a preset period) the pressure level does not rise back, the equipment will send a message to the relevant operating organization informing about the blower failure.

  • AS-GSM/DP – SMS pranešimai

    This extended version is intended for wastewater treatment plants equipped with membranes, where – apart from the blower monitoring – the device can also watch membrane fouling, which prevents undesirable accidents. Due to this system, we are able to warn the operating organization about several critical conditions, namely:
    • too long intervals of the pump operation (as membranes are at the end of their ser-vice life, the plant is overloaded),
    • the plant is “full” (either membranes are clogged or there is a pump failure).