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AS-GSM D – SMS pranešimai

This low-costing option offered by our company is a system watching the blower function. If the pressure level in the inlet pipe leading to the aeration element drops, a countdown function will be activated and if (within a preset period) the pressure level does not rise back, the equipment will send a message to the relevant operating organization informing about the blower failure.

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The basic condition is obviously the coverage of the relevant place by the mobile network provider issuing your SIM card. This SIM card should be bought in the version/lump sum for GSM gate, in order to prevent its barring if the card is not used for a longer period of time (i.e. a period without any emergencies in the plant). Otherwise, the SIM card does not differ from standard cards used in our mobile phones. Another installation aspect is the need for 230 V power supply (6 to 12 V is also possible, 5 W absorbed power), but this condition is always met because the power is needed for the blower supply. In addition, at least 8 cm long hoses between the blower and the wastewater treatment plant will be needed.


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