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AS-GSM/DP – SMS pranešimai

This extended version is intended for wastewater treatment plants equipped with membranes, where – apart from the blower monitoring – the device can also watch membrane fouling, which prevents undesirable accidents. Due to this system, we are able to warn the operating organization about several critical conditions, namely:
• too long intervals of the pump operation (as membranes are at the end of their ser-vice life, the plant is overloaded),
• the plant is “full” (either membranes are clogged or there is a pump failure).

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The conditions are the same as in the previous case, however the float into the activation section must be installed or it will be necessary to use the existing one for cleaned water (permeate), provided that this is viable by the electrical panel layout and/or permitted by the operating organisation to make necessary modifications in the panel. However, the best solution is to buy this monitoring system completely together with the wastewater treatment plant and the device can be incorporated into the standard electrical panel.


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